Highlights of the 2007 Bullitschek Family Association Reunion


The 25th annual reunion of descendants of Joseph Ferdinand Bullitschek was held on June 21-23, 2007 in Knoxville, Tennessee. There were 38 people in attendance. Those attending the reunion stayed at the Residence Inn in Knoxville.

On Thursday, June 21, registration began at 1:00 at the home of this year’s coordinator and host, Bonnie Bolejack, and her husband, Alan Griswold. Co-host for the reunion was Bonnie’s sister, Nancy Bolejack Wiman. Following registration, the reunion participants enjoyed a beautiful high tea/luncheon prepared by Bonnie and her family, including her children, Chris and Emily. Everyone had a chance to relax and “catch up” with one another, as well as meet new “cousins” attending for the first time. Those who wished to tour the Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge did so later in the afternoon. At 6:00, the group reconvened at Mimi’s Cafe for a lovely dinner and more time to socialize.

Friday morning, everyone met at the Residence Inn and drove to the Museum of Appalachia near Norris, Tennessee. This museum contained an incredible collection of artifacts that painted a picture of life of ordinary people in the Appalachian region. Everyone toured the museum and surrounding grounds and out-buildings on their own until 1:00. The group then drove to Litton’s Restaurant in the Fountain City area of Knoxville and gathered in a large dining room for a mouth-watering lunch of “famous” chili dogs, hamburgers or chicken salad platters. All agreed that it was a lunch worth waiting for! Members of the group were on their own after lunch to tour a selection of area attractions or to go back to the hotel and relax. Family members met again at 7:00 for a fabulous home-cooked buffet dinner at Bonnie’s house at Turtle Creek Farm. To top off the evening, Roger


Blackburn, a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra, played a beautiful selection of music on his trumpet. Roger is the husband of cousin Marilyn Blackburn. The good food, fellowship and musical entertainment were enjoyed by all.

On Saturday morning, we met at the Episcopal School of Knoxville for a buffet breakfast prepared by Bonnie Bolejack and Alan Griswold. Before breakfast, Bonnie opened with a series of prayers and a tribute to family members who have served or are currently serving our country in the Armed Forces. A list of Bullitschek Family service members from the Francis/Dugger family (B4) and the James McGarvey Bolejack (B2) family is attached. Alan and Nancy Wiman’s youngest son, Captain Kevin Wiman, is a 2003 West Point graduate and is currently serving in Afghanistan as a Black Hawk helicopter pilot. After this tribute, family members joined together in saying the “Lord’s Prayer.”

Following the prayer service, everyone enjoyed the wonderful breakfast. After breakfast, Ruble Garner agreed to serve as auctioneer for the annual auction to benefit the upkeep of the family cemetery. Many beautiful items were sold to the highest bidder, and we achieved a record $624.00 to benefit this worthy cause. Following the auction, the annual business meeting was held. The minutes of the business meeting are attached.

Many of the family members expressed their appreciation to Bonnie and her family for the preparation of wonderful meals and for the built-in opportunities to socialize as a family. Several stated that they really had enjoyed the chance to visit and “catch up” with one another this year. After the meeting adjourned, the group members left to go their separate ways until next year when we will meet in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.